Friday, September 5, 2014

Punahattu ja käpy / Echinacea meets pine cone

Punahatusta on tullut lempiperennani. Se kukkii kauniisti ja todella kauan; nämä ovat olleet kukassa jo kohta kokonaisen kuukauden. 

Joku öögiäinen syö sembramännyn käpyjä. Käpy on muuten mahtavalta kuulostava sana. Se on professori Kaisa Häkkisen mukaan vanha ja omaperäinen.

I am in love with echinacea. I think it's my favorite perennial plant. The flowers look like they are from another world, and they bloom for a very long time. Mine have been flowering for almost a month now. The word echinacea, by the way, comes from the Greek echino, which means "sea urchin", due to the spiky texture of the central part of the flower. (I just learned that from Wikipedia.) In Finnish echinaceas are called "red hats". Language really is a way of seeing the world!

Something is eating our Swiss pine cones. The Finnish word for pine cone, käpy, is one of my favorite words.

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  1. Those echinaea flowers do look most interesting from the side! Very neat color.