Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kiiltää / Shining

Samuji-paita Frida marinan kirpparipuolelta, Marimekon housut Fidasta, Tod'sin loaferit Kaivarin Kanuunasta, käsintehdyt korvikset Judy Bjorkman.

Second hand Samuji-top from Frida marina, second hand Marimekko-trousers from Fida, second hand Tod's loafers from Kaivarin Kanuuna flea market. Handmade earrings by Judy Bjorkman.


  1. Oooo, ihana. Ja kyllähän se "pose"kin sieltä jo lähtee! (sisareni, "kansainvälisestikin tunnettu huippumalli" ;) )..

  2. Beautiful print mixing. I especially love the Marimekko trousers. Also, keep the plant pictures coming - I am a gardener too and love to see what is happening in your garden.

    1. Thanks! :)

      I wasn't sure about what type of garden posts to write here - I wrote a lot about gardening in that Finnish blog I had. It was pretty much a gardening blog, and not a whole lot else. But I'll be sure to include some garden posts here, too. I've become quite the gardening aficionado. Or trying to become one, anyway. :)

    2. I have found that the way to becoming a gardening aficionado is to just put the time in and be unafraid to fail. Although I still hesitate to call myself an expert.