Sunday, October 26, 2014

Women in Clothes: Talk

Women in Clothes-kirja kysyy, kenen kanssa puhut vaatteista. Minä puhun siskoni kanssa. Pidämme muotilehtisessioita aina kun mahdollista: pläräämme muotilehtiä, juomme teetä ja hölötämme vaatteista. Ihmettelemme muodin suuntauksia, katselemme kauniita kuvia, pohdimme omia tyylejämme. Kun pääsen Helsinkiin, käymme kirppareilla jos suinkin ehdimme, ja fiilistelemme vintage-aarteita siskon kaupalla. 

Vaateasioissa en luota kehenkään muuhun yhtä täysillä kuin siskooni. Puhumme samaa kieltä.

Women in Clothes asks: with whom do you talk about clothes? My answer is simple: my sister. We often have what we call "fashion magazine sessions": we flick through fashion magazines together while drinking tons of tea, and aimlessly ramble on about clothes and the fascinating world of fashion. We've done that for years; it's a bonding experience, and something we both love. Whenever I'm in Helsinki, we shop at flea markets together and try on vintage clothes at my sister's second hand shop. 

When it comes to clothes, there is no one I trust more than my sister. We just speak the same language.


  1. The person I talk to most about clothes is my husband, although we aren't exactly having fashion magazine sessions (which sound so fun by the way). He's usually a good sounding board for my ideas and will give honest feedback. I don't have any women in my day-to-day life I talk to about fashion in general, which is why I like style blogs.

    1. I talk to my husband about clothes, too. I tend to ask his opinion on stuff I'm not entirely sure about, typically before I head out to work in the morning. :)