Saturday, October 18, 2014

Viikko kirppisvaatteissa, osa 1 / The "Wear only second hand clothes for a week"-challenge, part 1

Laura T. haastoi porukkaa pukeutumaan viikon ajan pelkkiin kirppisvaatteisiin. Luuhaan kirppisvaatteissa jossain määrin lähes aina, ja usein käy niinkin, että kaikki vaatekappaleet päälläni ovat second handia, alusvaatteita ja sukkahousuja lukuunottamatta. Viikko kirppisvaatteissa ei siis ole meikäläiselle mikään kovin vaikea haaste, joten lisäsin haasteeseen oman vinkkelin: lupaan täten kyhäillä kasaan viikon verran sellaisia kirppisyhdistelmiä, joita en ole ennen käyttänyt. Tässä ensimmäinen totaalikirppisasuni.

Finnish blogger Laura T. challenged other bloggers to wear only second hand for a week. I tend to wear second hand clothes a lot anyway, and quite often find myself in head-to-toe flea market finds, except for tights and underwear. The challenge didn't sound all that challenging for me, so I came up with my own creative angle: I'll have to come up with a week's worth of second hand outfits that I haven't worn before. Here's my yesterday's all second hand-outfit.


  1. Looking chic and lovely as always. I am envious of the abundance of high-quality, beautiful items you can find second-hand. I don't know if it is just the state of things in the US or if I have just gotten less patient, but second-hand shopping has become an exersize in frustration and disappointment for me - barely worth the effort. Every thrift shop where I live seems to be crammed with low-quality disposable fashion that is in poor condition. The rare beautiful vintage pieces are laughably small for my size 12 frame. I love second-hand in theory, but I've found myself unable to express my personal style with the paltry selections in American Goodwills anymore.

    1. Well, I have to say that it's not all rosy here either! A lot of Finnish flea markets and charity shops are full of cheap fast fashion, just like in the US, especially in bigger cities like Helsinki. We are lucky to live in the countryside - people don't really shop at flea markets here unless they have to, and they don't appreciate vintage (except Marimekko) here, so we tend to find cool vintage stuff for pennies. Overall though, the trend is similar here as it is in the US: more stuff, poorer quality. :(