Monday, May 30, 2016

Siivouspäivän löytöjä / Cleaning Day finds

Chris on maalla fiksaamassa taloa ja puutarhaa ensiluokkaiseen näyttökuntoon. Sillä aikaa minä hengaan lähiössä kissojen kanssa, käyn töissä ja luuhaan kirpputoreilla. Siivouspäivän satoa ovat hauskat korvikset (2 euroa) ja mahtava vyö (5 euroa). Kesä on muuten selvästikin täällä, koska hippeily kiinnostaa. Haluan pukeutua henkäyksen kevyisiin kaapuihin, joiden kanssa puen vajaamittaiset housut, pellavaiset sellaiset.

Jos joku muuten haluaapi katsastaa ja/tai ostaa meidän ihanan talon Lappajärven Tarvolasta, klikatkoon tästä...

Luen: Violetin kesänumero

Chris is in the countryside, making sure our house looks just right for prospective buyers. I'm hanging out at home in the suburbs with the cats, going to work and spending time at flea markets. I found a cool pair of earrings (2 euros) and a belt (5 euros) during Cleaning Day, when a huge amount of parks and roadsides in Helsinki turn into one massive flea market. Summer is clearly here, because I feel tempted by hippy-ish clothes and accessories. I feel like wearing airy, light tunics or dresses over cropped trousers. Even better, if everything is linen.

In case you want to check out the listing for our beautiful house (or better yet, buy the house!), click here...

Reading: Summer issue of Violet


  1. My comment keeps disappearing. So I apologize if I send it to you several times!

    Several streets that turn into a flea market sound like a wonderful place to be! And didn't I suggest a boho vibe a looong time ago!? :P

    Also, if you could just pick up your house and plonk it down in the Czech countryside, then both of our problems would be solved! At least somewhat...

    1. Yes, indeed, you suggested boho elements last summer after I had my hair shaved, I remember! :) It's a tough one though - if it gets too boho, it looks costume-y, so the balance is key, I think. :)

      The comment only showed up once in my end, so no worries!