Sunday, January 29, 2017

Aurinko! / The sun!

 Katsokaa, mä ulkoilen!

Keväiseltä näyttävä ja tuntuva keli houkutteli minut ja Chrisin horjumaan jäisille ulkoilureiteille perjantaina. Emme kaatuneet emmekä rikkoneet luitamme ja saimme sopivan annostuksen aurinkoenergiaa. Voi elämä, kuinka valo tekeekin hyvää: ihan kuin alkaisi taas uskoa siihen, että elämä voittaa. Päivät tuntuvat jo pidemmiltä ja aurinko lämmittää. Kotona join kupin kuumaa Sergejeffiä ja söin alkuviikosta tekemäni banaanikakun jämät. (Käytin tätä reseptiä ja heitin sekaan pilkottuja taateleita. Resepti on niin helppo, ettei tosikaan. Kakku on parhaimmillaan kunnolla vetäytyneenä ja viilentyneenä, parin päivän päästä valmistuksesta.) Samana iltana sitten kärsin kirkkaassa valossa vaeltamisen seurauksista: migreeniä pukkasi, ihan tosissaan, ja seuraavana päivänä myös. No, kai se oli sen arvoista!

Ei mulla oikeastaan muuta. Päällä on H&M:n halpiskasmirneule (joka on yllättävän hyvälaatuinen - se on kestänyt jo kolme - neljä vuotta aktiivikäyttöä) ja kirppikseltä ostetut Noa Noan vuorilliset vajaamittaiset villaseilorihousut. Hauska tikkipusakka on Globe Hopen - loistava kirpparilöytö viime kesältä. Pipo, huivi, laukku, lapaset ja kengät second handiä.

Look at me, I am outdoors!

It almost felt and seemed like spring on Friday, so Chris and I ventured out onto the perilously icy walking paths. We didn't fall or break our bones, but received a nice dose of sunlight instead. The sun is actually making me think that life is once again possible - the darkest months of the year are behind us and the days feel noticeably longer already. At home I enjoyed a hot cup of Sergejeff tea and ate the last piece of the banana bread I had made a few days earlier. (I really, really love banana bread. In case anyone is interested, the recipe I used is at the end of the post.) Later in the evening I suffered the consequences of having enjoyed too much bright light: I developed a horrible migraine, and another one the day after. I am trying to tell myself that it was worth it!

Not much else to report - I am wearing a cheap H&M cashmere sweater (which is actually of pretty good quality - I have worn it a lot in the 3 or 4 years I've had it) and thrifted Noa Noa wool sailor trousers. The jacket is a fleamarket find from last summer - it is by Globe Hope, a Finnish brand that makes clothes and accessories out of recycled fabrics. The knit hat, scarf, mittens, bag and shoes are all second hand.

The Banana Bread recipe (not my own, I found it here)

Mix the ingredients below in a big bowl and stir into a soft batter with a wooden spoon. No need to mix or whisk anything separately - just dump everything into the bowl at once and stir gently! 

2 eggs 
2½ dl sugar 
2 ripe medium-sized bananas, mushed 
2 teaspoons baking powder 
1 teaspoon baking soda 
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar 
8 tablespoons whipping cream (or any form of cream-like dairy; I used cooking cream but you can also use regular milk or yogurt) 
150 g butter, melted
2½ dl flour 
dash of cinnamon 
(I also added a handful of chopped dates)

Lightly coat a greased cake/bread pan with breadcrumbs, pour in the batter and bake in 200 degrees for about an hour. Cover the pan with kitchen foil for the last 20 minutes of baking time to prevent the surface from burning. Put in a cool place. The bread is at its best (nicely sweet, dense and sticky) a day or two later.


  1. Sounds lovely, will attempt with our black bananas, dear husband is a fiend for banana bread.

    1. I love banana bread... the best ever is my grandmother's recipe that I couldn't find the other day, but it is a much more complicated recipe than this one. I love easy recipes, in general - I just can't stand the hassle of making a lot of pots dirty and mixing and whisking a million different things separately. :)

  2. I like your glasses a lot. Why am I noticing them only now?
    And those pants are so cute. I have always loved wide-leg, palazzo pants, whatever they are called. I think they are very flattering and they feel good to wear at the same time. Now I am looking to thrift a pair that I can hem shorter to get the culotte style that has become so popular. I don't know if I'll ever have the heart though, because I feel this is a trend that will vanish in no time, while the long palazzos are a never dyng classic (at least in my mind).

    1. Thanks, the red frames are fun, aren't they! You are noticing them only now because I pretty much only wear them in the winter time (constantly tired eyes) and I take so few outfit pictures in the winter because there is so little light...

      I share your love for wide-legged pants - I love the look of a delicate silk blouse paired with high-waisted, elegant wide-legged trousers, in the style of Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall. I really like the cropped culotte style too, and have worn my culottes for years. I too wonder how long the current trend will last, but you should go for it if you feel like it! It's a great look, very easy and comfortable. I guess when they are out of fashion, I will be out of fashion, too, because I will keep wearing mine..! :)