Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kuovit ovat saapuneet / The curlews have landed

Olimme Chrisin kanssa kävelyllä, kun yhtäkkiä tuttu ääni kantautui taivaalta: vähän surullinen, ihmeellinen, pulppuileva kuovin kutsu. Vanha suomalainen sananlasku kertoo: kun sä kuulet kuovin äänen, älä mene järven jäälle. Kevät tulee, vihdoinkin: kuovit ovat saapuneet, jää väistyy.

Chris and I went walking today, and all of a sudden we heard the familiar, oddly melancholic, bubbly call of the curlew for the first time this spring. An old Finnish saying goes: when you hear the curlew, stay away from the ice. I guess the old folks knew what they were talking about. Spring is finally here: the curlews have landed, the ice is thawing.


  1. I looked up a video on Youtube to hear the curlew's song. So lovely! The sound made my kitty intensely curious.

    1. It's wonderful, isn't it! And of course, after reading your comment, I had to find a sound clip too, to see how our cats would react. Two of them immediately woke up from their sleep and lifted their heads. :D

  2. Just love that photo of the pier, the ice and the forrest. It's so pure and uplifting 😊